Visual artist Bronwen Schalkwyk's watercolours are a hallmark of her ability to encapsulate the beauty in nature on a whole new level.
The humble, proficient artist - Bronwen Schalkwyk

Artist Bronwen Schalkwyk: Artist’s statement – ‘Magnified’ – Artbox

"The closer one looks at nature and the world around us, the more one sees hidden treasures and tales to be told. Time and weather, light and movement are constantly creating and changing the images from one intriguing form into the next. Through my art I wish to capture these images and magnify them in stature and importance so that they take on a new reality.

The art process begins with exploring the subject matter with my camera. I then take a portion of, or a combination of the photos to form the starting point of my work.

I paint in a number of thin layers of paint or glazes on top of each other allowing the colours to shine through and to be influenced by one another.

I love exploring the surface textures of the images, the contrast and translucency of light and dark, sensitivity of line and detail and form."

Bronwen Schalkwyk (nee Evans) was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1961.

Work and Qualifications

1978: Matriculated at the Pretoria School of Art Ballet and Music

1982: Diploma in Art and Design – Pretoria Technikon

1983 – 1991: Graphic designer – Design Institute, SABS

1991-2005: Free-lance illustrator

2004: Elected as an Associate of the Watercolour Society of South Africa

2005-Present: Fine artist

2012: Elected as a Higher Associate of the Watercolour Society of South Africa

2015: Joined a painting group under the tutorship of Johan Conradie

2019-Present: Watercolour Workshops & Tutorship in Watercolour Painting.


Bronwen's art has been exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions.


1984: Merit Award - SA Association of Arts New Signatures [acrylic painting]

2002: Best on Show - WSSA Branch Signatures [watercolour]

2004: Highly Commended - WSSA New Signatures [watercolour]

2004: Highly Commended - WSSA 72nd National Open Exhibition [watercolour]

2005: Highly Commended – WSSA 74th National Open Exhibition [watercolour]

2010: Highly Commended – WSSA 84th National Open Exhibition [watercolour]

2011: Highly Commended – WSA 86th National Open Exhibition [watercolour] (x2)

2012: Highly Commended – WSSA Grand Prix Exhibition [watercolour]

2012: Highly Commended – WSA 87th National Open Exhibition [watercolour] (x2)

2012: Highly Commended – ASA 1st National Exhibition [acrylic]

2012: Highly Commended – WSA 88th National Open Exhibition [watercolour]

2013: Highly Commended – WSA 89th National Open Exhibition [watercolour]

2020: International Kalaratnam Award of India Online Exhibition – 2ND PLACE

2020: IWSSA Lockdown Online Exhibition – 1ST PLACE

2021: Honourable Mention – WASA Out of Africa Online Exhibition

2021: Honourable Mention – WASA Expressions of Hope Online Exhibition

The SA Artist Magazine featured Bronwen Schalkwyk

Bronwen in The South African Artist Magazine

Issue 61 of The South African Artist magazine features Bronwen Schalkwyk.

She offers a step-by-step watercolour tutorial across a 6-page spread not to be missed!

The resultant art work can be seen on Bronwen's Watercolours - entitled "Locked".

"The big artist... keeps an eye on nature and steals her tools" - Thomas Eakins